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Uukha Xpro2 riser - Glossy
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Uukha Xpro riser


New 27 inch model available for 2019 to add to the existing 25 inch model in the Xpro range.

Glossy finish option.

With Monolith C HM technology applied to risers, you get the best material ever used to make risers: carbon is the lightest, the stiffest, strongest, and most efficient for vibrations damping.

Every inserts are placed in CNC machined housings to guarantee a perfect alignment.

Mass distribution and reinforcements location result on numerous optimisations to end with a impressive stablility and overall balance.

Weight remains low to let anyone play with additional 5/16in weights in dedicated bushings on the riser or on the stabilizer.

We work exclusively with prepreg unidirectional fibers used in most advanced areas such as Formula 1.

We cut the prepreg with a CNC cutter, and stack the shapes in a high precision mold, and then apply heat and pressure to reach high compression in the material.

  • 2019 model
  • New pocket with single bolt for easy and reliable adjustment.
  • New magnetic clicker extension: strong and simple.
  • New tiller bolts with cylindrical guide for accuracy, equiped with spherical dovel to follow limb orientation.
  • Recess to get clicker perfectly flush with the window.
  • 100% carbon
  • RH and LH models


  • 25in
  • 27in


  • Carbon Glossy
  • Black Glossy
  • Red Glossy
  • Yellow Glossy
  • White Glossy

Uukha Xpro riser - 25in Glossy Yellow
Uukha Xpro riser

Uukha Xpro riser

Uukha Xpro riser

Uukha Xpro riser colours 1

Uukha Xpro riser colours 2
Information supplied courtesy of Uukha