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Infitec Crux Compound Rest - SALE
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Infitec Crux Compound Rest - Black

Infitec Crux Compound Rest:

For compound archers on a budget the Infitec Crux compound rest could be the perfect solution. Despite the incredibly low price you still get an all-metal construction rest with heavy duty fasteners and components, with horizontal and vertical adjustments, infinitely adjustable blade angle and three different thicknesses of blade, 0.2T, 0.25T and 0.3T... all included!

  • Colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
  • Models: RH and LH
  • Material: Aluminium body / stainless launcher blade
  • 0.2T, 0.25T and 0.3T blades included
  • Product code: IF4620

Infitec Crux Compound Rest - Red

Infitec Crux Compound Rest - Blue