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Carter 2 Moons

The Carter 2 Moons is a back tension release incorporating a revolutionary clicker system that has adjustment unlike anything on the market.

The new one of a kind split moon allows you to micro adjust the length of your clicker in .005 increments ranging from .0 to .030. Due to the split moon design the rotation of the release is as smooth after the click as it is before the click. This is the first rotation style back tension release to offer an adjustable clicker. In addition to the adjustable clicker, the speed of the release can be adjusted 2 degrees at a time with the new clamping system.

The 2 Moons is sure to please by combining these innovative features along with the sleekest and most relaxed fitting handle shape Carter Enterprises has ever made.

The 2 Moons is now available in store in a 3 finger handle configuration in both the small size and the standard large size. All other models are available to special order.


Carter 2 Moons

Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.