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WNS Premium-Alpha Fiber limbs - SALE
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WNS Premium-Alpha Fiber Limbs

WNS Premium-Alpha Fiber Limbs

WNS Premium-Alpha Fiber Limbs

W&W have dropped the SF brand and renamed it "WNS" which is pronounced "Winners".

The SF Premium Fiber Plus limbs have been rebranded as WNS Premium-Alpha Fiber limbs and maintain their great value for money, accuracy and consistency. Produced from the finest maple and most precise glass and finished with a high-end bow tip, making this limb consistent and accurate for an affordable price.


  • Lengths: 66in, 68in, 70in (when fitted to a 25H riser)
  • Poundages:
    • 66in: 16lbs to 42lbs (in 2lbs increments)
    • 68in: 16lbs to 44lbs (in 2lbs increments)
    • 70in: 18lbs to 46lbs (in 2lbs increments)
  • ILF (International Limb Fitting)