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JoJan Multi-Fletcher

JoJan offers quality products to meet your every fletching need. For the archer who prefers to fletch a dozen arrows in less than half an hour, we present to you our most popular fletcher, the Multi-Fletcher.

JoJan fletchers are extremely versatile, with their ability to fletch various types of arrows. Our products can be used for the smallest of carbon arrows to the largest of the aluminum arrows. This exceptional quality provides our archers with the convenience of only having to purchase one jig to meet all their needs.

The Multi-Fletcher is simply the best fletcher on the market. It gives you the balance bewteen speed of setup, ease of use, and most importantly, accuracy to keep you "right on target".

Quick Facts about our Multi-Fletchers:

  • All Multi-Fletchers are constructed of strong aluminum, giving the durability to last you a lifetime
  • All Multi-Fletchers frames, nock receivers and clamps excluded, are built exactly the same, allowing flexibility in purchasing other clamps and/or nock receivers for your jig
  • Easy setup. Once you setup the jig, you're on your way to fletching a dozen arrows in less than 30 minutes
  • Accuracy is important to every archer, from beginner to advanced shooters, and with our jigs, accuracy is made simple
  • All jigs come completely assembled, except for two legs which hold jig up, making putting our jig together extremely simple

Standard Multi-Fletcher

  • Standard Multi-Fletchers are equipped with straight clamps
  • Fletches straight, or right or left offset, adjustable 0 to 2 degrees

    Helical Multi-Fletcher

  • Helical Multi-Fletchers are equipped with either right or left clamps
  • Fletches Right or Left wing feathers at 11 degrees helix per inch of feather



    There are three types of clamps: Straight, Right Helical and Left Helical. Each Multi-Fletcher or Mono-Fletcher is purchased with one of the three clamps included. If you are interested in using a different clamp than the one that comes with your jig, you can simply order one of the other style clamps. All Jo Jan clamps are interchangeable and can be used either on any model of the Multi-Fletcher or Mono-Fletcher.

    Quick Facts on both Straight and Helical Clamps:

  • Straight Clamp fletches straight or, right or left offset adjustable up to 2 degrees
  • Right and Left Helical Clamps fletch at 11 degree per helix
  • All Clamps are made of strong steel construction to prevent bending and therefore, inaccurate fletching
  • All Clamps are plated to prevent rusting
  • Clamps are designed to be heavy enough to apply the correct amount of pressure between the vane/feather and the shaft of the arrow. This assures the most accurate of fletching.

    Nock Receivers


    We offer four different nock receivers which are available in all models of both multi-fletchers and mono-fletchers. All nock receivers are interchangeable and can be used on any model of the Multi-Fletcher and Mono-Fletcher. The F-81 is our nock receiver for bolts. The F-81 can accommodate arrow sizes 2219 and 2117.

  • JoJan Multi-Fletcher
    JoJan Multi-Fletcher

    JoJan Clamp - Straight
    Clamp - Straight

    JoJan Clamp - Helical LH
    Clamp - Helical LH

    JoJan Clamp - Helical RH
    Clamp - Helical RH

    JoJan Nock Receiver
    Nock Receiver