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TRU Ball Speed Loop

T.R.U. Speed Loop
T.R.U. Speed Loop

Lighter, Quieter, & Faster than other loop noks!

This unique nocking point is designed to eliminate nock pinch whilst at full draw and also to align the peep sight.

  • Won't let rope loop pinch your nock
  • CNC-machined of high grade aircraft aluminum
  • Excellent for today's short axle-to-axle bows
  • Replace rope without losing nock location
  • Crossbar stops nock pinch and aligns your peep!
  • Also available in G-Series


  1. Fasten the Super-Loop Speed Nok using a #0 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Use a 5" rope, tap frayed end to a 3/8" mushroom. Melt large ball shape using flame.
  3. Tie half hitch to each end of the rope on bowstring in alternate directions above and below the Super-Loop Speed Nok.
  4. Pull knot tight before drawing bow.
WARNING: Check tightness of knot.