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Doinker Front Stabilizer A-Bar Mount - (A-BAR-M) - SALE
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Doinker Front Stabilizer A-Bar Mount

Doinker Front Stabilizer A-Bar Mount

The 2.1oz A-Bar Mount acts like a V-Bar system for the front of your stabilizer.

It uses countersunk Doinker Power Grip Washers for a strong, fully adjustable platform to move the arms independently from each other.

The A-Bar Mount will work only on the Platinum Hi-Mod and Alumi-Komp range of stabilizers that use a removable Doinker Supreme.

  • Weight: 2.1oz
  • Colour: Black

Doinker says...

The all New Doinker A-Bar Mount has been a Work in progress since 2007 and we finally have it just the way we want it for 2011. Back in 2007 our first prototypes were well a little dull as they were just a stationary mount, basically it held two stabilizers at the end of a 1" A-Bomb Doinker. This design worked but moved a lot due to it being at the end of the Doinker..... But held steady. We then got rid of the Doinker and hard mounted the bracket to the front of the stabilizer with two Kido rods connected in what looked like a " T " formation, you could adjust the mount only in one axis..... which was nice but not enough for us. We didn't do much with the idea through out 2008 but in 2009 we started messing with the mount that at that time had a new name, the Front V-Bar Mount. We made this mount adjustable with use of two independent micro adjustable arms via the use of our Power Grip washers, we released the new Adjustable design at the 2010 ATA show and it had a good response there, it then went to the 2010 World Archery Festival in Las Vegas Nevada where the response it got was great! Everyone loved the amount you could adjust it and loved it's light weight design. In Vegas I met The Armless Archer; Matt Stutzman where at that point Matt decided it would help him make shooting for him a little easier. We made Matt three of these Mounts with a 11" main bar that was Made from Platinum HI-Mod rod and two little legs that were attached to the mount in a A-Shape design. The A-Bar not only got it's new name in the last few months but has also been refined in its design to where it is at currently.

We went through and lightened up the mount with more advanced machining and incorporated some of the design properties that we used in our new Platinum Mounts to make them hold rock steady by countersinking the Power Grip washers an all connecting parts to where not only the teeth on the washer make full contact with each other, but the metal arms make contact with each other strengthening them tremendously. There are three parts to this mount; The base adapter, the bottom arm that has two Power Grip washers and the top arm that has a counter sink spot for the head of the 1/4-20 screw that holds the entire unit together.

The new A-Bar mount weighs just over 2oz and each leg is threaded for 5/16-24 which is your basic stabilizer base thread size. You can use wights, Doinkers or small stabilizers on these arms to get the balance of your bow just perfect for you. Use these in combination with a rear (Standard) V-bar mount for the ultimate in stability. The A-Bar mount will retail for $68 and will work on the Alumi-Komp or Platinum Hi-Mod stabilizers only at this current time. Get creative and Get A-Bar'D!!!

Doinker Front Stabilizer A-Bar Mount
Information provided courtesy of Leven Industries, USA...