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Doinker Avancee Supreme Carbon Stabilizer - (ADS) - SALE
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Doinker Avancee Supreme

Doinker Avancee Supreme

The Avancee is the perfect choice for recurve shooters of all levels due to its ultra light design and low wind drag geometry. It uses a very light, multi-modulus stiff carbon grid rod with an outside diameter of .640 thousandths of an inch. The lightest weight carbon we offer. It also includes a fixed, mounted smaller sized 7/8in Doinker Supreme and a single DAWG weight at the distal end allowing the archer to fully adjust the flex/tension of the Doinker to better absorb residual vibration.

The Avancee also features a Doinker Thumb Spur hole at the base of the stabilizer that allows you to tighten the stabilizer firmly to the bow. NOTE: Thumb Spur not included. Sold separately.

Black colour.


  • 18in - 4.3oz (ADS18)
  • 24in - 4.7oz (ADS24)
  • 27in - 5.0oz (ADS27)
  • 30in - 5.2oz (ADS30)
  • 34in - 5.5oz (ADS34)

Information provided courtesy of Doinker