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Arc Systeme
Arc Systeme Pro Magn Button - Chrome


Arc Systeme Pro Magn Button

Magnetic style pressure button designed for a wide tuning range without the need to change any springs.

Supplied with titanium or plastic tips suitable for carbon or aluminium arrows.

The high strength magnets provide a very progressive tip action with low resistance.

The Pro Magn is a very high-end magnetic pressure button, a revolution in opposable magnets. Magnetic repulsion offers a range large enough not to have to disassemble during adjustment.

The principle is simple, we calibrated the springs inside the button using a comparator to observe the strength ranges of each hardness used by an archer. The operation was doubled to achieve a better result with the concept of opposition of magnets.

Arc Systeme's magnetic button delivers a finer adjustment of the piston hardness setting for bow powers between 28 and 45 pounds, because we have eliminated the friction properties of a normal spring type button. This means that you set this important parameter of the flight setting without interfering with a change in spring hardness! Outside this range of powers, choose the BB Compétition and its mechanical springs which will be more adapted to extreme values.

The adjustment of this instrument is micrometric and the tightening is effected by hand.

Normally stocked in all colour options.

  • Thread: 5/16in
  • Magnetic
  • Weight: 27.15g (Chrome model is 49.7g)
  • Colours:
    • Black
    • Chrome
    • Red
    • Blue
  • Made in France

Arc Systeme Pro Magn Button - Blue


Arc Systeme Pro Magn Button - Red


Arc Systeme Pro Magn Button - Black