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White Feather Flight ILF limbs
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White Feather
White Feather Flight limbs

White Feather Flight limbs

International Limb Fitting (ILF) wood / carbon limbs from White Feather. Smooth long length only. Constructed from fiber with hard wood maple laminate.Available in a range of poundages to suit a variety of archers.

  • Fitting: ILF - International Limb Fitting
  • Material: Fiber with Hard Rock Maple
  • Length: Long 70in (25H) only

Bow lengths

  • 17in riser = 62in bow
  • 19in riser = 64in bow
  • 21in riser = 66in bow
  • 23in riser = 68in bow
  • 25in riser = 70in bow