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Hoyt 2012
Hoyt Quattro


Never before has Hoyt unleashed a competition recurve limb like the all-new Carbon Quattro. Engineered with new, high-performance, triaxial all-carbon power elements and a strategically optimized layup for dimensional stability and top-level efficiency, the Carbon Quattro is 40% more torsionally stable than any Hoyt recurve limb. Along with the increased stability comes increased speed - and a lot of it. An enhanced force draw curve for an improved feel through the clicker and an ultra-fast damping and low vibration design rounds out the premier features. Available in extra-short, short, medium and long, 22-50 lbs in 2 lb increments.


Looking for Technical Support for your Hoyt bow?

Hoyt USA's official web site carries a substantial archive including full technical information and product assistance for many of it's recurve and compound models of recent years.

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