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Infitec Bow Sling (wrist) - SALE
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Infitec Bow Sling

Infitec Bow Sling:

The Infitec Bow Sling is adjustable to fit any size wrist and hand. The strap is first secured to the archer's wrist then wrapped around the bow riser and re-attached back to the wrist strap with a locking clip.

Comfortable and easily adjustable with a locking clip.

  • Material: Nylon Para-Cord
  • Product code: IF4801

Infitec Bow Sling

Infitec Bow Sling

Established in 2012, Infitec Archery has been formed to meet the new higher standards of serious modern archers.

The Infitec Archery company is a strong team of highly capable specialist manufacturers and experienced recurve and compound archery professionals from South Korea and the USA.

Infitec is a compound word of "infinite" and "technology" and the brand represents new ways of developing more advanced quality products based on a resources-infinite technology.