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BCY 8125

The original BCY Formula 8125 features a four end constrution in a single strand. Three of the ends are SK75 Dyneema. The fourth end of yarn is SK65. This strand is very small. BCY added this strand to 8125 make the resulting diameter the same as the original Fastflight so that people could switch without changing strand count.

This small strand of SK65 is now very expensive and not easy to obtain in sufficient quantities.

BCY have spent twelve months developing 8125G resulting in a string material that has the same construction as the original 8125 except that the small end of SK65 has been replaced by a strand of Gore fiber.

In extensive testing 8125G has proven to give the same performance, size and speed... but has just a little better durability due to the Gore fiber.

In summary, 8125G is just a slightly improved 8125.

  • Stock size: 1/4lb spool
  • Stocked colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red

Information supplied courtesy of BCY Inc.