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TRU Ball eXecution GS - with Buckle Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball eXecution GS - Buckle

TRU Ball eXecution GS - Buckle

All in one hybrid trigger features three different attachment locations providing forward speed, straight comfort, and swept-back comfort configurations. The eXacution has an ultra crisp trigger which adjusts from ultra light to heavy. The hardened stainless steel hook opens away from the archer's face for superior accuracy and clearance. Reliable and crisp double sear internal firing mechanism with no trigger pressure build up.

Features independent travel and tension adjustments each with their own lock screws to maintain reliable settings. Smaller, newly located cocking bar cocks with light pressure when cocked, depress hook to load.

  • Black anodized head
  • Globo connection
  • Black leather buckle strap model