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Diamond Atomic PACKAGE
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Atomic Kids


Diamond Atomic PACKAGE (2018)

From first glance you can see that this is the real deal. An all-aluminum riser and fully adjustable components means you're starting them off right. These aren't the bows from summer camp years ago, the Atomic delivers all the engineering of an adult bow in a youth size.

The Atomic fits kids of all ages and has a wide range of draw weight and draw length options, as you can see below.

Diamond Archery has upgraded its popular youth bow, Atomic, with new finish options including matching strings and cables, accessories and a first-of-its-kind website for kids and their parents featuring instructional videos, games, downloads and more.

The new Atomic is not your typical youth bow. Rather than using plastic parts, Diamond is giving the consumer the highest quality components made out of real aluminum, built tough for tough kids. The website,, is an industry-leading resource for digital content on getting kids started in archery. Diamond has made it easy by featuring information on the anatomy of a bow, videos on bow setup and adjustment, games for kids, instructions on safe range setup and more. Kids aren't left out either. The kidszone includes an array of downloadable targets as well as videos on fun archery activities.

"The Diamond Atomic is made with quality materials, built for the rigors of youth shooting," said Todd Snader, Product Marketing Manager for Diamond Archery. "We've added new color options and accessories, and launched a truly unique website to help young archers get the most out of their new bow."

The new finishes available on the Atomic include green, orange, purple, blue, black and Mossy Oak BreakUp Country.

Accessories included in the Atomic package include a single-pin adjustable sight, capture arrow rest, tube peep sight, hip quiver, three Arctic arrows and a black nock.

The upgraded Atomic measures 24 inches axle-to-axle, has a six inch brace height and weighs just 1.9 lbs. The bow has an adjustable draw length from 12-24 inches and variable draw weight between 6 and 29 lbs. Capable of firing arrows at speeds up to 191 fps, the Atomic delivers plenty of power for hunting or target shooting.

Package Includes:

  • Single-pin adjustable sight
  • Tube peep sight
  • Capture arrow rest
  • Hip quiver
  • Three (3) Arctic arrows
  • Black nock


  • Draw Weight: 6-29lbs
  • Draw Length: 12-24in
  • Mass weight: 1.9lbs
  • Axle-to-axle: 24in
  • Brace Height: 6in
  • IBO Speed: 191 fps
  • Riser / Cams: Aluminium
  • Limbs: Carbon / Glass
  • Model: RH only


  • Black
  • Breakup Country
  • Bright Orange
  • Electric Blue
  • Neon Green
  • Purple

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Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Electric Blue

Electric Blue

Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Black


Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Breakup Country

Breakup Country

Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Bright Orange

Bright Orange

Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Neon Green

Neon Green

Diamond Atomic PACKAGE - Purple


Information provided courtesy of Diamond Archery