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Beiter Rings for K Scope Pin

Beiter Ring for K Scope Pin
The Ring for Scope Pin is the red coloured part. You get 3 rings per kit.
Beiter Ring for K Scope Pin
The Rings Kit provides a clean, hassle free and easy changeable aiming ring for your Beiter K Scope

The Beiter K-Lens became even more versatile thanks to the Scope Pins System. As you know the Scope Pins are available in diameters from 1,8 to 6,0mm (1,8, 2,1, 2,5, 3,0, 3,5, 4,0, 5,0, 6,0).

However, many compound archers have the aiming preference of a DOT - RING combination.

Up till now they have had to draw lines or glue rings on the lens. The main problems being, you may not be able to perfectly center the circles or - even worse - what happens when you want to change the size or colour of the rings?... scratched lenses!

This is history now!

The BEITER RINGS FOR SCOPE PINS can be inserted on the Scope Pin and installed and fixes on the lens with it!

    This system shows different advantages:
  • 3 different Ring Colours: black, red and clear
  • 3 diameters (inner/outer in mm): 8/6, 10/8, 12/10
  • Fast and easy exchange of the colour and/or size of the Ring!
  • The Ring is held exactly in the middle of the lens!

    BEITER RINGS FOR SCOPE PINS can be ordered in two different Kits:
  • Colour-Kit: 1 Ring each per Size per ordered Colour (1 ea. 8/6, 10/8, 12/10)
  • Size-Kit: 1 Ring each per Colour in the ordered Size (3 ea. 8/6 or 10/8 or 12/10)

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