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Beiter Bow Wrench


Features metric hex wrenches for plunger and sights, imperial hex wrenches for most bows and accessories, plus a screwdriver for the Beiter Plunger.

This stylish, light weight but tough plastic bodied 12 piece wrench/tool set features a very cool single blade push-out function for exceptional ease of use.

Made in Germany by the Wiha company for Werner Beiter.

Weight: 150g

Metric Hex Wrenches:

  • 1.5
  • 2.5
  • 3.0

Imperial Hex Wrenches:

  • 3/16
  • 5/32
  • 9/64
  • 1/8
  • 7/64
  • 3/32
  • 5/64
  • 1/16

Beiter Bow Wrench

Beiter Bow Wrench single blade push-out function
Single blade push-out function
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...