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Beiter Nocking Points

There are two types of Beiter Nocking Point...

i) With Cylindrical Shoulders: - 1/4" and 9/32"

ii) With Two Threads: - #1 and #2

Both types are produced in Green, Black or Clear colours. We do not necessarily have all colours in stock. See table below. If you order an unavailable size/colour option we will automatically substitute for an available option so we do not delay your shipment.

Beiter Nocking Points - threaded

Beiter Nocking Points - cylindrical

Stocked Colours:


Make serving your Beiter Nocking Points in place on your string even easier with the Beiter Half-a-Nock Tool.

Please note some items featured here may not be in stock. However, we should be able to obtain any Beiter product normally within 2 weeks from the date of your order.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...