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Cartel Midas Fletcher

We know that building arrows using regular style fletching jigs takes up lots of valuable space which many people simply do not have. The new vertical style Cartel Midas Fletcher requires a much smaller footprint.

It's accurate too. The countersunk holes in the metal base provide a precise location for 120 degree and 90 degree positions for 3 or 4 fletch. This model also features a nock offset adjustment.

  • Weight: 700g
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Very accurate
  • Adjustable for 3 or 4 fletch
  • Adjustable nock offset

Cartel Midas Fletcher
Cartel Midas Fletcher
Cartel Midas Fletcher - Nock Offset
Nock Offset Adjustment
Cartel Midas Fletcher - Retaining Spring
Retaining Spring