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Doinker Side-Kick Hi-Mod Side Bar
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Doinker Side-Kick Hi-Mod Short Rod

Doinker Side-Kick Hi-Mod Short Rod

NEW 2021 PRODUCT - Doinker are back with a new range of products. The Side-Kick shares the same high modulus carbon construction as the Podium long rod and features a very small outside diameter. Available in 12in and 15in lengths. Weights and damper included.

The Doinker Side-Kick side bars are made very stiff to be able to hold over 30oz of weights if wanted. The Side-Kick bars are all the same carbon stiffness and are designed to be partner to our Champion and Podium rods. These side rods are the same diameter as the long rods and as you would expect to have our newly designed base and end caps for stability. The material is specially made for strength and stiffness for the amount of weight used.

The Side-Kick comes with the Doinker 421 Weight System, a 7oz 3 piece weight set, as do all of our top quality competition stabilizers.

Length Options:

  • 12in
  • 15in