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Core Archery
Core Shift riser

Core Shift Riser

The Core Shift riser is constructed of Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea and Beech hard woods. These are bonded together using proven traditional methods but with modern engineering and production technologies. From backyard recreation to schools and clubs, this is the ideal bow for all types of shooting. Available in left or right hand models in a range of sizes.

Available in four different sizes to suit archers of all ages. 14.5in riser accepts 48in limbs, 19.5in riser accepts 54in and 58in limbs, 20in riser accepts 62in and 64in limbs, 24in riser accepts 66in, 68in and 70in limbs. Includes bushings for button (5/16in) and sight (10-24 UNC). Accepts Core Pulse, Cor Verve, Core HIT and Core Blaze limbs.

  • RH and LH models
  • Lengths: 14.5in, 19.5in, 20in, 24in