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Beiter Tri Liner

The Beiter Tri Liner is used to mark the exact position of Kurly Vanes on all arrows up to 7.2mm diameter (9/32") Nock-Out-Diameter.

With the Beiter Tri Liner, you draw lines exactly in the position you need. An exact orientation of nock and vanes is possible thanks to the adjusting ring on the back and the tabs on the ruler.

You decide the nock and vane position, as well as where to start and end drawing the lines.

The Tri Liner works for both RH or LH, Recurve or Compound archers.

What you get in the pack...

  • Beiter Tri Liner
  • Nockadapter #1
  • Nockadapter #2
  • 12 Tabs


Open the 3 Rulers and insert the shaft with an installed nock and the related nockadapter in your Beiter Tri Liner. Pay attention that the Beiter logo on the nockadapter and the red indicator on the adjusting ring are on the same side.

Determine the exact nock position by turning the adjusting ring and the correct position of the vanes by installing the red tabs in the desired location.

Press one single ruler per time on the arrow shaft: this will center and position itself thanks to a prisma on the inner side of the ruler.

Now you can draw the line from tab to tab with a suitable pencil. Repeat this process for all three vanes holding only one ruler per time on the shaft.

Extract the arrow shaft from the Beiter Tri Liner, opening the 3 rulers. Until these are closed, the shaft is axially fixed.

Resume your normal fletching procedure by attaching the Kurly Vanes along the accurately drawn lines your Tri Liner has produced.

Tri Liner
The Tri Liner kit.
Tri Liner
Adjusting Ring
Tri Liner
Tab on Ruler
Tri Liner
Tri Liner
Tri Liner in use

The Beiter Tri Liner can also align nocks of already fletched arrows to your exact Tri Liner position!

The Tri Liner can be used with nocks from manufacturers other than Beiter, but the arrows will not be axially positioned as they will not be asymetric nocks.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...