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Angel ASB Majesty String

Angel ASB Majesty String

Angel ASB Majesty String - colours

  • Spool: 250m
  • Colours:
    • Black
    • White
    • Hunter Green
    • Beige
    • F-Blue
    • F-Pink
    • F-Yellow

[Information from Angel]

Dyneema has always been the optimum material for an archery string. Now, the superior characteristics of Dyneema have evolved into ASB Majesty.

ASB Majesty is now the premier string for your bow.

Specificity of Majesty:

  • The strength and modulus elasticity are at the top level of the ladder as an organic fibre.
  • Density is under 1. Majesty is so light that is will float in water.
  • Fracturing energy is so huge that any impact is mostly absorbed.
  • Majesty is elastic, so has superior abrasion resistance.
  • Excellent character of light resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Superior character of dampened oscillation.

Performance of Majesty:

  • The initial Modulus of elasticity is increased so much that it makes excellent arrow groups. Drawing energy is promptly transferred to the limbs by this trait, which in turn transfers the limb energy to the nock most effectively.
  • High modulus of elasticity lessens the effect of bad shots by extinguishing amplified string oscillation caused from a sloppy release. You'll notice that the string is prevented from hitting your bow arm as it recovers most consistently.
  • The impact of the limbs is absorbed by this superior characteristic of dampened oscillation. Most vibration of the limbs is extinguished quickly which means less wear chance of damage is achieved.
  • Generally, most other strings are waxed making them heavy and sticky. Majesty is processed by thermally bonding resin to the material. Angel is the first in the world to use this process thus creating a string material that is incredibly light. Each strand of Majesty is united more firm than ever making it stronger than other strings.


  • When you make a string, the length should be over 1 percent longer than other string materials. This is because the ratio of stretch is 3.2 percent lower than other string materials.
  • Brace height should be tuned lower; between 5mm and 20mm lower than most other strings. If brace height is set higher, the ability of limbs and cams adversely affected.
  • Majesty strings should be twisted between 20 and 40 times. After several shots to settle the string in, tune brace height and affix a nocking point. After this is done, rub the string several times with a small piece of leather hard and fast to burnish the string. The thermally bonded resin will fill in and work as a membrane. In this way, the thermally bonded resin protects a string from damage by ultraviolet rays and prevents penetration of rain and moisture. The weight of your string will remain unchanged.
  • Strands: 18 for small nocks, 20 for large nocks.

Information provided courtesy of Angel Co. Ltd., Japan