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Gillo Barebow Cover Kit

Gillo Barebow Cover Kit - SSS

Special 3 parts steel barebow weight kit for the Gillo G1 riser. Side plates are stainless steel. The centre plate is black chrome plated steel. Approx 1150g. Creates 4 different balancing combinations. NOT suitable for use with the G2 riser.

If you purchase the SSS model together with the AAA you will have two full kits allowing for any combination of weight from 400g to 1150g.

NOTE: From 2017 the central section will no longer be supplied with thread holes for attaching more weights. The reason is not many people were using them and secondly World Archery rules state that weights have to connect directly to the riser and not as a stacked solution.

  • Bare Bow cover kit for G1 riser
  • Special design for perfect vertical balance
  • Replaces the standard Aluminum cover of the G1 riser and also fits the G2 riser (limited combinations only)
  • Symmetric mount, allows four different balances (pictured below)
  • 3 front holes with 1/4-20 UNC thread for additional weights
  • SSS = all parts Steel
  • Weight = 1150g
  • Gillo Part number: G01-BW-02-SSS

WARNING! - Use of combinations over 700g are not suggested on the Gillo G2 riser due to the limited support it can offer with the 4x M4 holes. The use of weights over 700g will void the warranty on the G2 riser. If you want over 700g then please use with the Gillo G1 riser.

Gillo Barebow Cover Kit
Gillo Barebow Cover Kit - Possible Configurations
Information provided courtesy of Gillo.