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Beiter O-Rings

Beiter O-Ring
Beiter O-Ring

Beiter produce O-Rings for use with stabilizers, sights, scopes, string servers and much more. For easy mounting and dismounting. Prevents stabilizers from loosening and reduces vibrations. When used with string servers they allow a constant tension of the serving material.

Stocked Models:

O-RingInner DiameterThicknessSpecifications
1/4x41/4"4mmString Server
4x24mm2mmSight Tunnels, Scopes (M4, 8/32")
5x25mm2mmSight Tunnels, Scopes (M5, 10/32")


The Beiter O-Ring 1/8x2 is designed to prevent the Sight Block working loose e.g. on Sure Loc Sights.

If the Sight Block (with or without 3rd axis block) is not firmly locked and works loose it increases vibrations to the Sight and may damage the Scope body; Beiter call it the whip-effect!

Simply use the Beiter O-Ring 1/8x2 and tighten the Sight Block! It won’t work loose again!

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