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Gillo GQ 25 L riser - Single Colour
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Gillo GQ 25 L riser - Single Colour

Gillo GQ 25 L riser - Single Colour

Lower cost version of the GQ 25 L riser. There are two differences between this model and the dual colour version. First the single colour model features a standard matte anodized surface and secondly the multicolour grip is replaced with a standard walnut colour wood grip. All other features remain including the titanium gold colour plated stainless steel bushings and limb bolts.

The GQ 25 L model shares the same geometry as all other 25 inch Gillo risers but the mass distribution is quite different. However, the full range of Gillo barebow accessories are compatible with this riser.

The overall mass weight has been reduced from the standard G1 riser. The GQ 25 L riser is only 1310g.

  • Olympic style Recurve & Bare Bow riser
  • Riser length: 25in
  • Available in RH and LH models
  • Machined from Aluminium 6082 T6
  • Aluminium limb alignment plates
  • Special round seats for optional balancing weights
  • Gold colour titanium nitride coated steel limb bolts
  • Walnut coloured medium grip
  • 3 front stabilizer bushings, 2 back stabilizer bushings. All made from stainless steel. All gold colour titanium nitride coated.
  • Front center stabilizer bushing 1mm off from axis for perfect balance.
  • Mass weight: approx. 1310 gr total
  • Packing includes long clicker plate, manual with warranty card, GRS-03 riser protection sleeve and 5 Allen wrenches
  • Gillo Product Code: G04L-RS-25


  • RH Black
  • RH Blue
  • RH Green
  • RH Grey
  • RH Purple
  • LH Black
  • LH Blue
  • LH Purple

Optional accessories available:

  • G04-DK6-AL-BK: 6 Aluminum Black anodized disk weights kit
  • G04-DK6-ST-GO: 6 Steel Titanium Gold colour plated disk weights kit
  • G01-DK6: 6 Stainless Steel disk weights kit
  • G05-DK2: 2 steel disk heavy weights kit
  • G02-CKK: Plastic cliker plates in different colours and lengths
  • G01-BW-01: Bare Bow covers from 270 gr to 830 gr
  • G01-BW-02: Bare Bow Covers from 400gr to 1170 g
  • Various Plugs to cover bottom weights holes, made by wood or plastic 3D printed in various colours
  • Various grips made by wood or plastic 3D printed in various colours

Hole Thread sizes:

  • Limbs Bolts - 2 x 5/8-18 UNF
  • Alignment plate inner blocking - 2 x M6
  • Alignement plate side blocking - 4 x M5
  • Front stabs - 3 x 5/16-24 UNF
  • Rear stabs - 2 x 5/16-24 UNF
  • Cushon plunger - 2 x 5/16-24 UNF
  • Clicker and Cliker plate - 3 x M4
  • Optional cover - 4 x M4
  • Sight - 2 x 10-24
  • Grip - 2 x M4

Information provided courtesy of Vittorio Frangilli.