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Carter Honey

Carter Enterprises introduces the sweetest shooting back tension hinge release ever developed.

The "Honey" has combined some timeless features of their most popular releases along with new innovations to give you the most accurate and safe, hinged back tension release ever made. The Honey has a new positive safety engagement and disengagement allowing you to safely draw or let down your bow without any stress for a misfire.

The Honey also incorporates a brand new floating hinge head design that allows you to anchor however you like before disengaging the safety and making your shot. This new floating head assures consistent alignment and repeatable execution for nock crushing accuracy. The speed of the release is easily adjusted with the new adjustable sear engagement. The head has an integrated magnet to assist in the self-returning hook so you can easily be ready for the next shot. The Honey has a comfortable handle that makes drawing the bow even easier than other hinge releases on the market.

The Honey is available in large and small sizes to aid in fitting every size hand. Each size is available in a 3 & 4 finger handle. With all the safety, accuracy and comfort packed into the new Honey you can be assured to be the Bee's Knee's on the target range.


Carter Honey
Information supplied courtesy of Carter Enterprises.