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Shocq Record limbs
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Shocq Record limbs

Shocq Record limbs

The perfect partner for the Shocq Record riser. Simple and secure screw limb fitting design. Laminated wood core limbs. Ideal for beginners. Reinforced limb tips for increased durability. Good range of sizes to fit a range of statures.

  • Limb Fitting: Beginner
  • Materials: Laminated wood core


  • 48in - 14.5H (10-14lbs)
  • 54in - 19.5H (12-18lbs)
  • 58in - 19.5H (12-18lbs)
  • 62in - 20H (16-22lbs)
  • 64in - 20H (16-22lbs)
  • 66in - 24H (14-32lbs)
  • 68in - 24H (14-38lbs)
  • 70in - 24H (18-34lbs)

Information provided courtesy of Shocq