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Beiter Tuner for Centralizer - single - Blue


Beiter Tuner for Centralizer - single

The Beiter Centralizer features four carbon rods held together to form a square by a number of tuners. These tuners are factory positioned to avoid resonance in the system but they can be moved to adapt to your tuning style and tuners can be added or removed from the rods. Tuners are made from high quality thermoplastics and elastomers.

The Tuner - Single is just the central part as pictured here. It is available in either black or blue colours.

To make a complete unit you will need one Tuner - Single plus 2x covers, 4x M4x14 screws and 4x stoppers. These parts are available separately and also as a kit, see Tuner - Complete in store.

All colour options and accessories are normally kept in stock.

  • Colours: Black or Blue

Beiter Tuner for Centralizer - single - Black