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Feather River Tru-Weight Bow Scale 090

Designed for the demanding conditions of professional archery, the Tru-Weight Bow Scale gives consistent and accurate draw weights of any bow design from 15 up to 90 lbs. High manufacturing tolerances are the secret to it's accurate readings. Each scale is hand calibrated at the factory by experienced craftspeople who are archery enthusiasts.

The Tru-Weight Bow Scale is easy to operate by either right or left-handed shooters. The tattle-tale indicator and unique no-slip hook design allows the user to focus on a smooth draw which increases safety. The small, compact size (11” overall) is easily stored with your archery gear.

All Tru-Weight Bow Scales are fully warranted by Feather River Sports for the life of the product.

Available packaging consists of vacuum forming over a heavy weight 24 pt. backing board with hang hole. User instructions are printed on the reverse side of the packaging.

  • 15-90 lbs. in 1 lb. increments
  • Precision-Wound Mainspring For Consistent Accuracy
  • Tattle-Tale Indicator
  • Unique Non-Slip Hook Design
  • Secure Grip Aluminum T-Handle
  • Seamless Aluminum Tubing
  • Anodized Finish For Durability

Feather River Bow Scale 090

Feather River Bow Scale 090

Feather River Bow Scale 090

Bow Scale Instructions:

  1. Hold the scale in your string hand with your fingers around the "T" handle.
  2. Hold the scale so that the label faces you when you draw the bow.
  3. Attach the string-hook holder on th underneath side of the nock set. Do not check the bow weight without a nock set on th string.
  4. Hold the bow in a vertical shooting position and draw the string back slowly and smoothly.
  5. After reaching full draw let the string down slowly and smoothly.
  6. Detach the scale from the bow string.
  7. The indicator will remain in the peak draw weight position.
  8. To reset the scale just slide the indicator back to the starting position.
NOTE: We have found that 2 fingers around the "T" handle, with thumb and remaining fingers lightly holding the scale body is the most consistent way to draw the scale. Also, the "T" handle should be held in a vertical position as a finger shooter would.

Information provided courtesy of Feather River Sports ltd