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Total Peep Standard
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Total Peep
Total Peep

Total Peep

Discover the best peep ever designed.

  • No glare
  • Less mistakes due to light changes
  • No Left and right mistakes due to peep rotation
  • Perfect vision in all light conditions
  • Accuracy improvement guaranteed
  • Extend your shooting range

For sure you have realized that when light conditions change or when your peep rotates, you experience left and right impacts in your target. That is the reason why we have developed TOTAL PEEP.

Designed and developed with advanced tools, and tested by experts shooters and bowhunters, we have reached the final design that DELIVERS UNMATCHED ACCURACY IN ALL CONDITIONS.

TOTAL PEEP allows you to see always a perfect black inner circle to aim with extreme accuracy in all light conditions, thanks to...

- Its complex inner design, calculated to prevent and block any light reflection either from the rear and the front side of the peep.

- Its total matt black colour and micro grit surface finish of the material.

In addition, it prevents impact changes when your string length changes due to temperature variations, and peep rotates. TOTAL PEEP by how is designed, ALLOWS UP TO 40 DEGREES OF PEEP ROTATION without inner circle shape distorsion.

The confidence in your equipment is one of the most important things in target archery and bowhunting. Try it once and FORGET ABOUT ALL YOUR LEFT AND RIGHT MISSES. We are sure you will use it in all your bows.


Total Peep Size Chart

Total Peep