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Uukha Ux100 Evo2 limbs - SALE
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Uukha Vx1000 Evo2 limbs

Uukha Ux100 Evo2 limbs

Ux100Evo2 are a winning mix of performance (high speed and stability) and comfort (smoothness and vibration damping).

Curve is a progressive profile which guarantees a smooth draw and high speed. High torsional stiffness improves arrow grouping.

Monolith C Evo², with 85% carbon fiber content is compressed in metallic molds machined by CNC, under high pressure at high temperature.

Thanks to this technology limbs characteristics remain independant of temperature or hygrometry changes, day after day.

  • Sizes: 66in, 68in, 70in
  • Poundages: 24 to 50lbs in 2lb increments
  • Fitting: ILF

Finish Options:

  • Matt Carbon
  • Glossy Carbon
  • Small Logo Matt

NOTICE - Uukha limbs are designed to offer the best performance within +/-5% of riser weight/tiller adjustment. If this is exceeded then performance will drop. If the limbs are overstressed the warranty will become void.

Information supplied courtesy of Uukha