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Angel Tab

Angel Tab - reverse view

  • Stocked Model: Angel Tab II with Anchor Pad & Spacer
  • Stocked Sizes:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Stocked Types:
    • Right Handed (all sizes)
    • Left Handed (all sizes)

Angel Tabs are the world's highest class tabs developed with state of the art technology and human engineering and based upon archers' opinions.

Tabs play a significant role because they touch both the archers and bow strings. Material, shape, thickness and weight are designed to achieve such a role as efficiently as possible...

For the benefit of smooth release, friction between the Angel Tab and the bowstring is reduced to the minimum level when the arrows are released.

The shape of the Angel Tab, the width and the cutting shape of the Kanta pinches (spacer) and the anchor pads allow archers to place their fingers on the string consistently.

The thickness of Angel Tabs is designed to let archers keep a "bare hand" feeling yet without the pain! Angel considers the feeling of the string in the hand at the time of release to be very important.

Weight of the tabs is influential to the recoiling speed of the string, which is related to the initial verlocity of the arrows. Angel Tabs are all light weight which reduces the tab's influence on the string to a minimum level.

Information provided courtesy of Angel Co. Ltd., Japan