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W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver
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W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver - Black

W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver:

New product for 2017. The total weight has be reduced significantly from the previous W&W quiver. Together with the included cushioned belt this provides a very comfortable fit. Magnets embedded in the bottom of the quiver make arrow carrying easy and multiple pockets allow you to carry all kinds of accessories. 3 tube quiver. RH and LH models available. Belt size ranges from 23 to 49 inches.

  • Models: RH and LH
  • Belt size: 23-49in
  • Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red
  • 3 tubes

W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver - Blue

W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver - Red

W&W Wiawis A-1 Quiver - Green
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