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Hot Rodz by AAE
AAE Hot Rodz Nitrous Wind Bar 18in

AAE Hot Rodz Cruiser Wind Bar - 18in:

The Hot Rodz Wind Bar is made out of AAE's industry leading hi-modulus carbon.

It is designed to allow archers the opportunity to greatly minimize the wind profile of the front stabilizer in severve wind while maintaining the maximum MOI (Moments of Inertia) the archer needs to hold in extreme conditions.

When properly balanced, the Wind Bar will not affect the arrows impact point as a result of the stabilization change from the archers standard front bar to the Wind Bar.

AAE's proprietary Hidden Weight System allows the archer to add or subtract weight without affecting the wind profile of the bar.

When every point counts, Changing the Hot Rodz Wind Bar could make all the difference.

  • Size: 18in

Information provided courtesy of Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc.