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Avalon Tec X Recurve Sight
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Avalon Tec X Olympic Recurve Sight

Avalon Tec X Olympic Recurve Sight

Based on the extraordinarily popular 2017 generation Tec X compound sight, a simple, no nonsense model with toughness and durability built in to a lightweight design. Features an all aluminium construction with a 9 inch extension and includes a sight pin s standard. Choose from 7 anodized colours. All colour options feature the standard black base model but with coloured knobs.

  • Material: aluminium
  • Thread: 8-32
  • Extension: 9in
  • 7 anodized colours
  • Sight pin included
  • Sight bag included


  • Black
  • Black/Blue
  • Black/Grey
  • Black/Green
  • Black/Orange
  • Black/Purple
  • Black/Red