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Sure-Loc Black Eagle Scope 42mm

Sure-Loc Black Eagle 42mm

Sure-Loc Black Eagle 42mm

Sure-Loc Black Eagle 42mm

The Sure-Loc Black Eagle scopes offer the exclusive combination of Sure-Loc quality and Swarovski Optik clarity in 29mm, 35mm and 42mm size lenses. These are the only lenses designed specifically for archery! The two acromat lenses, each flat on one side and ground on the other, are laminated together. The world famous Swarodur anti-reflective coating on the flat outside surfaces gives you the clearest, non-glare-producing view in the world.

The "Shock Collar" by Sims Vibration Laboratories surrounds the outside edges of the lens and nests it into the two-part lens capture system. This isolates the lens from the housing and reduces damaging vibration effects.

Using only the specifically fitted hex tube provided with the scope, Sure-Loc shooters can mount the Black Eagle directly into the hex pocket milled into the scope body. Others can use the usual scope rod method of mounting.

  • Model: 42mm
  • Dioptes: 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7
  • Colour: Black
  • One model suits both LH and RH
  • When you buy a complete scope you will receive all contents of the "Scope Body Kit" and the "Scope Lens Kit" outlined below...

Scope Body Kit:

Parts included:

  • Scope Body, Hex Tube, Scope rod 10-32, 2x 10-32 nuts, Belville Washer

Scope Lens Kit:

Sure-Loc Black Eagle Lens

Parts included:

  • Lens assembly, 1 x Rubber Ring

Additional lenses may be purchased. Click here...

Optional Extras:

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