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SpiGua Rest

The arrival of the new SpiGua rest heralds a new king of wrap around style rests. This is perhaps the most complete and most accurate rest of it's kind available today.

Fully adjustable in all directions, making it easy to adjust rest height and centre shot.

The magnet can be adjusted so that the launcher arm stays out when released or it can be set so that it retracts into the bow.

The SpiGua features horizontal and vertical indexing so you can easily set the rest for your specific Indoor and Outdoor settings.

The SpiGua rest fits most normal recurve risers. The known exception being the 2013 Hoyt Ion-X riser. If you have one of those then please choose a different rest such as the Cavalier Free Flyte.

In the box...

  • 1 x SpiGua rest
  • 2 x Allen (hex key) wrenches
  • 1 x Threaded bolt (to attach rest to riser)
  • 1 x Washer
  • 1 x Extra Locking Screw

Spigarelli SpiGua Rest

Spigarelli SpiGua Rest


By default, each SpiGua rest is set so that the launcher arm stays out upon release. To change it, simply follow these instructions...

  • Unscrew completely screw #13 and the grub screw #10
  • Move the screw #13 beyond the shaft #7
  • Set correctly the tongue #12 below the arrow

Spigarelli SpiGua Rest - Diagram