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WNS Motive F5 limbs
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WNS Motive F5 limbs

WNS Motive F5 limbs

Motive F5 replaces the WNS Elite-Alpha Fiber/Foam limbs from 2019. These high performance limbs are constructed from glass fiber with a foam core that meets the highest expectations of durability and lightness. Motive F5 limbs are designed t improve speed and torque control while shooting. International Limb Fitting (ILF).

Factory specifications (with 25H):

  • Short - 66in - 16-40lbs
  • Medium - 68in - 18-42lbs
  • Long - 70in - 20-44lbs

  • Fiberglass and foam construction.
  • Built for speed, stability and smooth performance.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • International Limb Fitting (ILF).

WNS Motive F5 limbs - diagram