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Shrewd Essential Scope

Shrewd Essential Scope:

The best scopes on the market, period. Used by some of the best shooters in the world including; Reo Wilde, Peter Elzinga, Tim Gillingham, Jeff Hopkins, Stephan Hansen and David Houser. Shrewd scopes lead the industry in performance, versatility and functionality.

The Shrewd Essential is a scaled down, simplified version of the Mini-Mag Scope specifically designed for field and indoor shooters.

Key features:

  • Totally CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.
  • Microsight pin, machined from 11L17 steel for durability. Machined to a small .012" throat for minimal target obstruction.
  • The Essential boasts a small, 29mm ID to give the shooter a small field of view while still allowing four options for razor pin placement and an additional two options for integrated sight pins.
  • The Essential’s textured interior cuts down on glare and the widened mouth of the scope allows for the direct placement of coloured decals.
  • Shrewd’s designers cut out any unnecessary weight and the finished product is a multifaceted scope weighing in at under half of an ounce.

Shrewd has added Reo Wilde to their Pro Staff. Reo will be shooting Shrewd's new Essential Scope in all future shoots in 2015. Reo had the Essential on his bow for his recent win in the Gator cup.

The Shrewd Essential Scope is sold in the following options...


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Information supplied courtesy of Shrewd Archery