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Easton ACE Screw-in Points/Inserts

ACE Inserts
ACE Inserts
ACE Screw-in Points
ACE Screw-in Points

Over the years, Easton has reduced the number of available ACE Insert options. We now carry stocks of H, J and L models.

Similarly with the Screw-in Points, we now have stocks of #2, #3, #4 and #5 models.



Listed below are the official Easton Model Specifications for ACE shafts and their accessories...

Shaft Size Spine @ 28" span (inches) Shaft Weight (gns/inch) Stock Shaft Length (inches) Rec'd Point Weight (grains) Rec'd Insert + Point Maximum Trim Amount (inches)
14001.4004.926 5/86060/70/80No limit
12501.2505.026 5/86060/70/80No limit
11001.1005.128 5/87060/70/80No limit
10001.0005.728 5/870H2No limit
9200.9205.828 5/875H39.5
8500.8505.728 5/875H3No limit
7800.7806.029 5/880J2No limit
7200.7206.329 5/880J26.0
6700.6705.930 5/880J2No limit
6200.6206.130 5/885J3No limit
5700.5706.331 5/885J310.0
5200.5206.631 5/890L24.5
4700.4706.932 5/895L36.5
4300.4307.132 5/8100L45.5
4000.4007.632 5/8110100/110/1204.0
3700.3707.932 5/8120100/110/1204.0
Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery