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Infitec Nexus Tab - Cowhide
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Infitec Nexus Tab - Cordovan

Infitec Nexus Tab:

Standard leather face model. The new for 2018 Infitec Nexus Tab is designed to provide high-end quality tab functions fit for any level of archer. Also, the finger spacer is an eccentric structure meaning that it can be easily adjusted for your thumb size. Ergonomic unity design and mechanism for archers add to the comfort in the palm and flexibility. Medium and large sizes available in RH and LH models.

  • Material: Aluminium plate / Standard leather face
  • Sizes: Large and Medium
  • Models: RH and LH
  • Product code: IF4202B

Infitec Nexus Tab - Cordovan

Infitec Nexus Tab - Cordovan

NOTE: Tabs pictured here show the Cordovan model.