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W&W INNO EX Prime limbs:

Wood core that is selected very seriously is adopted for INNO EX Prime limbs for stability.

Shooting Feeling: - The INNO EX Prime Wood core limbs allow the archer to focus on a stable feeling while at full draw and a sense of power right at the moment of shooting. This also allows for a stronger focus of concentration and a very stable shot.

Tower Effect: - Barreled bottom design create innovative tower effect which means effective shock absorption during the shot and increased accuracy by removing unnecessary movement.

  • International fitting
  • Lengths: 66in, 68in, 70in
  • Poundages: 28-48lbs in 2lbs increments
W&W INNO EX Prime limbs
W&W INNO EX Prime limb section view
Information provided courtesy of W&W

Mix and Match Warning

The basic principle of International fitting limbs and risers is for all items, regardless of manufacturer, to be interchangeable. However, due to the re-design of certain manufacturers products this is no longer the case.

A particular case in point is the current range of Hoyt risers where the pivot point has now been moved back in line with the dovetail location. This pivot point on most other bows is on the leading edge of the pocket. This has resulted in some cases of poor fitting and non-alignment of limbs and in extreme cases even breakage due to the increased strain on the limbs.

All manufacturers will make their limbs and risers to specifically suit their own brand. Whilst most limbs and risers from all manufacturers will fit together, there are subtle differences in tolerances and the way they locate. Some use the end of the limb pocket as the pivot whilst other use the Dovetail location. Some rate their limbs at lowest limb adjustment, some for mid position. These are just two examples.

On this basis you can still "mix and match" limbs and risers from different manufacturers, but we are advising caution.