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Maple Leaf Press IFAA Field Faces - WATERPROOF

Maple Leaf Press are the official manufacturers and exclusive suppliers of NFAA target faces.

Produced from Extremely Tear-Resistant Waterproof material, this face has been tested by the world's op archers and following successful trials it is being used in the Pro Archery Series from the 2014 season.

All four sizes are available...

  • 20cm - 17" x 17" - 4x 20cm dia. circles
  • 35cm - 14.75" x 14.75" - 1x 35cm dia. circle
  • 50cm - 20.75" x 20.75" - 1x 50cm dia. circle
  • 65cm - 26.5" x 26.5" - 1x 65cm dia. circle

For a 14 target IFAA Field round you need the following...

  • 4x 20cm
  • 16x 35cm
  • 5x 50cm
  • 4x 65cm

IFAA Field Faces
20cm IFAA Field Face
20cm IFAA Field Face
35cm, 50cm and 65cm IFAA Field Faces
35cm, 50cm and 65cm IFAA Field Faces