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TRU Ball Bone Collector Beast 2 - with Buckle Strap
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TRU Ball
TRU Ball Bone Collector Beast II - Buckle

TRU Ball Bone Collector Beast II - Buckle

Designed especially for Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector team. TRU Ball's engineers have added a solid rod connection and an all new 3oz or 11oz spring choice to their favorite release, the TRU Ball Short-n-Sweet. The Beast is the advanced high speed model with a forward trigger to provide more draw length for short draw archers. The Beast II is the comfort plus model with a relaxed trigger, swept back to provide archers the ultimate feel when making the shot. Quick load open hook design allows a hunter to hook the string loop without taking eyes off the game. Also includes the drop away solid rod globo swivel connection with draw length adjustment. Available with black leather buckle strap or black Velcro strap. Just pull the trigger and let up to reset, then you are ready to draw and shoot.

  • Swept back trigger
  • Black anodized head
  • Globo connection
  • Black leather buckle model