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WNS S-1 Backpack
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WNS S-1 Backpack

WNS S-1 Backpack

The S-1 recurve backpack can store a complete bow including an up to 27in length riser plus all accessories, quiver included! In addition to numerous pockets inside the front pouch the S-1 also includes an arrow tube, an internal riser case, storage compartments, removable shoulder straps and rain cover. Dimension 34.4cm x 21cm x 72.5cm. Black colour only.


  • FIts recurve risers up to 27in length
  • Dimensions 34.4cm x 21cm x 72.5cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Rain cover included
  • Should straps included
  • Arrow tube included
  • Riser sleeve included