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Backing Screens for Targets

An ERA Backing Screen gives your foam or straw targets a new lease of life. Doubling the lifetime of your target makes the most of your materials, saving you money and also helps to avoid shooting incidents during practice and competition.

Whether you are shooting competitively or for pleasure, ERA has three sizes of screen to cover your needs. Leisure 65cm square, Competition 75cm square, or Large 100cm square. Simple and quick to install, ERA Backing Screens can be adapted to any type of wooden target stand.

Under maximum test conditions, ERA Backing Screens withstood treatment from a 65lbs compound bow shooting 5.5mm carbon arrows at a 35kg density foam target at a very close 10m range.


  • 65x65cm - Leisure
  • 75x75cm - Competition
  • 100x100cm - Large

ERA Backing Screen