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X7 Nibb Points

The official Easton Model Specifications for X7 Eclipse and Cobalt shafts and their accessories.

Easton Nibb Points are manufactured from nickel-plated hardened steel and precision alloy tube.

Nibb Point

Component Specifications

X7 ShaftNock SizeNibb Point (gns)Bullet Point (gns)
1512G49gns (8%)-
1514G61gns (8%)-
1612G55gns (8%)-
1614G51gns (7%)-
1712G62gns (8%)-
1714G56gns (7%)-
1812G67gns (8%)-
1814G60gns (7%)-
1912G70gns (8%)-
1914G64gns (7%)-
20123D Super83gns (8%)-
20143D Super71gns (7%)-
21123D Super88gns (8%)100
21143D Super78gns (7%)100
22123D Super102gns (8%)100
22143D Super103gns (8%)100
23123D Super99gns (8%)100
23143D Super-100
24123D Super110gns (7%)100
24133D Super110gns (7%)100
25123D Super108gns (8%)100
26133D Super-150

(- indicates not available)

Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery