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Easton X7 Eclipse Black

Easton X7 Eclipse Black

The X7 Eclipse is famous for extreme straightness, super strength and consistent spine. And that adds up to accuracy - the reason champion 3-D and Indoor archers choose the X7 aluminium shaft.

The X7 is manufactured from Easton's tough 7178-T9 alloy with a demanding straightness tolerance of +/- .001in.

This renowned aluminium competition shaft features a polished black hard-anodized finish. Available in 23 sizes with factory installed UNI or Super Uni Bushings.

All X7 Eclipse shafts between 1514 and 1914 inclusive are factory fitted with standard sized Uni-Bushings. ACE G Nocks are designed to fit into these sizes.

All X7 Eclipse shafts between 2014 and 2613 inclusive are factory fitted with Super Uni-Bushings. 3-D Super Nocks are designed to fit into these sizes.


  • 1514
  • 1614
  • 1714
  • 1814
  • 1914
  • 2014
  • 2114
  • 2212
  • 2213
  • 2214

Listed below are the official Easton Model Specifications for X7 Eclipse shafts and their accessories...

Shaft Specifications

Shaft ModelX7 Eclipse
Strength105,000 psi
Nock TaperSuper Swage
Nock TypeG nock or 3D Super Nock
Weight Tolerance+/- 3/4%
Straightness+/- .001" (.002" TIR)
Hard Anodize ColourPolished Black or Blue

Component Specifications

X7 ShaftNock SizeNibb Point (gns)Bullet Point (gns)Factory Length (*approx)
1514G61gns (8%)-26 1/2"
1614G51gns (7%)-28"
1714G56gns (7%)-29"
1814G60gns (7%)-29 1/2"
1914G64gns (7%)-30 1/2"
20143D Super71gns (7%)-31 1/2"
21143D Super78gns (7%)10032 1/2"
22123D Super102gns (8%)10032 1/2"
22143D Super103gns (8%)10033"
23123D Super99gns (8%)10033"
23143D Super-10033 1/2"
24123D Super110gns (7%)10034"
24133D Super110gns (7%)10034"
25123D Super108gns (8%)10034 1/2"
26133D Super-15034 1/2"

*Factory length of Easton shafts may vary. If requested cutting length exceeds factory length then we will automatically send UNCUT shafts.

Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery