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Beiter Serving Shifter

The Beiter Serving Shifter is a practical tool which allows you to move the center serving or the end serving on the string (eg. if you want to move the nocking point). Not only - and much more important - it allows you to "compact" the serving.

When making your own strings, normally it is not possible to put enough tension in the serving tool to achieve a very tight serving. Therefore it makes sense to move 3 to 5 windings at a time approximately 2mm in one direction. You will see that at the end the serving moved much more. This means that your serving is more compact, tighter and will last longer.

The Beiter Serving Shifter can be stored and carried in the Beiter Tool Clip (the same one as used for the Beiter String Tool) so it can be attached to your quiver, ready to be used.

Sold as a pair.

Beiter Serving Shifter
Information supplied courtesy of Beiter
Pictures by Alternative Services